Daily Contemplation Series #12

“Daily Contemplation Series #12”

Hindu Rituals
Practioners of Hinduism offer flowers and Panch Amrit (Honey, Sugar, Milk, Curd, Ghee or Clarified Butter) to the idol of the deity*. The Esoteric meaning of flowers: Our mind must be fresh,pure, and devoid of worldly thoughts in order to recieve God’s Grace.

It is only a meditative/spiritual lifestyle that can help us connect to the infinite Source Energy.One important thing for the logical left brained rational thinking community. We all know that Richard Brander and John Grinder were the co-creators of NLP therapy. But let me tell you a secret. NLP is not new to India, as it was there since ages, but was unnamed. All the rituals of ancient India traditions (Sanathana Dharm) were nothing but anchors with auto-suggestions and affirmations.
Hindu temples are full of colours and many things — these are various applied therapies like Colour Psychology, Aroma Therapy, Food Psychology, Affirmations & Auto — Suggestions, Feng shui/Vaastu, Astrology and many more.


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