Concept behind the Deep Philosophy Logo

Deep Philosophy | Enlightenment Education process culminating in enlightenment or self-realization: Usually shown as the halo (aural energy) surrounding the crown chakra of any self realized soul or deity.
Deep Philosophy | Meditative Pose Meditative pose: Chakra activation shown. The surface is not smooth, which means that it is easy for anyone to meditate in solitude and in silence and it is extremely challenging for someone to meditate in the midst of chaos.
Deep Philosophy | Chakra Activation Chakras: Symbolic to Chakra activation, although 7 colours (VIBGYOR) depicting the 7 major chakras are not used here. Slight variation from the usual depiction.
Deep Philosophy | Sahasrara Chakra Crown Chakra: Depicts the Sahasrara or crown chakra (again not depicted as the 1000 petalled lotus. Instead, a variation used). Pink colour symbolizes pure unconditional love.
Deep Philosophy | Chakra Spiritual Paths: Book depicts unity in diversity. The colour symbolizes the various spiritual paths. The pink base of the book symbolizes that the core element of all spiritual path is based on pure unconditional love, acceptance, tolerance, humility and forgiveness.