Going beyond the vows & woes

“Going beyond the vows & woes”

Love is from the infinite and will remain until eternity ~ Rumi.

Few of relevant Rumi Quotes:

Love is from the infinite and will remain until eternity

Oh my friend, all that you see of me is just a shell and the rest belongs to God.

Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.

Note: This is just my opinion, any difference of opinion is always welcome.

We have heard and seen people using the cliché phrase  – “Till death do us part” a lot. It’s a common phrase used in Traditional wedding promising each other of a long term relationship. The prospective groom during his love proposal, presents a diamond studded gold or platinum ring to his prospective bride. But, do people really understand or mean it? Do they understand the significance or esoteric meaning of a diamond studded golden or platinum ring? Is it relevant or significant even today? Given the steady increase in divorce cases as per the statistics, gathered across the world, the idiom does not hold good for most of them. So, even if they don’t end up with a divorce, they suffer a lot internally due to several reasons. Is there a solution to this?

Answer to this question is the following quote :

“Any problem always comes along with the solution ” ~ Anonymous

Now, kindly allow me approach this critical topic in a Q&A fashion.

Q1. What is the esoteric meaning of the ring?

Did we ever bother about it in the first hand. Our only focus was on the price and how quickly we can exchange rings along with the vows. It is just because Gold/Platinum and Diamond being precious metal and gem that the ring is expensive? The diamond and gold are expensive separately. The diamond ring loses its value the moment diamond falls off from the ring. Their value is there only till they are together. Gold/Platinum is the groom and diamond is the bride. They have hold each other tightly forever. Even after death. Become eternal consort across lifetimes than being together for a single lifetime. This is the esoteric meaning or real significance of the diamond ring exchange.

Q2. Why people are coming together quickly and separating at a much quicker rate? Is that real love? What about the vow then? Was it a farce?

Answer to this is deeply rooted in spirituality. It’s in the design of human beings to yearn for external love. They are hungry and eager to consume anything they perceive as Love. It is nothing but co-dependency. When i have this person in my life, i get Love and will be happy forever. Sorry to break your hearts, it does not happen that way. This is not love at all, it is a business – Give and Take. Such a partnership, be it business or personal life, is bound to fail at some point of time.

Q3. What is the solution to have a blissful marital life – One that surprises us everyday like the nature?

Too many questions than answers in our mind? But let me give you a good news. It is possible to have such a blissful relationship. This is not new and people across the world are already applying it in their love life and benefiting thereby. Just because the solution is very simple, it is often ignored.

Here is the solution : Patience, faith, acceptance and forgiveness are the keys. Without practicing Patience, Faith, Forgiveness and Acceptance, Practicing Self Love is impossible. We have to imbibe and practice the above virtues for a considerable amount of time (subjective – for some it’s months and others it’s years). When we do this on consistent basis, we  attract the right partner in our life by Laws of Attraction (LOA). Then partner could be a soul-mate or even a Twin flame/soul and devoid of any karmic debt.

If we are deeply rooted in body conscious state then, we look forward to conjugal bliss in physical level alone (3D Matrix – will discuss the concept of 3D Matrix and higher dimensions in future articles).  This will result in a never ending thirst for deriving sensual pleasures and every time we end up only disappointed. Do we enjoy hearing the same joke every time. No way!!! The rate of returns always diminishes. Similarly, anything involved in body consciousness yields diminishing returns. Even if one partner is highly body conscious the Love becomes conditional (Lust) and the relationship mostly ends up in divorce. There is even a possibility of  physical, sexual and emotional abuse in this case. Couple usually end up creating new karmic debts.

There is another kind of Love (Hybrid), that oscillates somewhere between Lust and Love. Partners in this kind of relationship somehow manage to hold together. The journey could be very bumpy at times and smooth at times. Whether the relationship lasts long or not depends on how well the partners understand each other and adjust each other accordingly.

On the other hand, if we are in soul conscious state, then the love becomes sacred and ethereal. Distance or separation doesn’t matter anymore because communication happens to be at the telepathic level. Physical intimacy becomes only an icing on cake (optional not compulsory). This love becomes unconditional and eternal. Soul-mates and Twin Souls/Flames come under this category.

Very few divine couples are lucky to have eternal consorts. They come together in every lifetime somehow. This is free from any kind of karmic debt.

This category of love is fully unconditional, there is no trace of body consciousness. Love at Soul conscious level is blissful.

Q4. Are blissful relationships confined to real life? Can it happen in real life?

Yes, it is very much possible to manifest it in the physical realm. We need to work on our inner world. But, it requires tremendous discipline and demands one to be rooted deeply in soul consciousness state. Spiritual or Yogic practice (Sadhana) is the only way to attain this state.

We can only control on our inner world, go with the flow and trust on the divine timing. We don’t have to try to control over the external world and thereby end up being stressed and depressed.

(Note : LOA – Law of Attraction. Will cover this in another blog in future. But, let me tell you one secret that still remains secret for many. LOA is not like as it is projected in some movies and books. For now understand one thing that it is more of Law of Love and involves a lot of inner work).

When we understand and absorb the above these in our subconscious mind, every moment of our life becomes a blissful moment and everyday becomes a Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. We can easily go beyond the vows and woes. One can have a perfect balance of Yin – Yang or Shiv – Shakti.

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