Parenting Series – Part 1

“Know your child (Pictorial blog)”

Nature's Gift

Children are nature’s biggest gifts. Prakkruthi means Nature in Sanskrit Language

My style is to begin a blog with few quotes.


“This is what love does and continues to do. It tastes like honey to adults and milk to children.”

“The intelligent desire self-control; children want candy.”

“I am a child whose teacher is LOVE surely my master won’t let me grow to be a fool.”


They are like the colourful orchids that come in different sizes, shapes & colours.



They are like the holy cow – pure, innocent & white with eyes full of compassion.


Candle Crackers

Like a candle they spread a light of pure unconditional love

Like a cracker they light up the world



They are the fruits of the society, only unconditional love & patience are needed in their upbringing


Butterfly delicate

They are very delicate like a beautiful butterfly and one needs to hold it with care


Comfort Zone

Help them come out of their shell and move fearlessly


 Sail railways

Allow them to sail/travel freely in life (but ensure that their company is good)



They are like the sweet jaggery that comes in unique colours and flavours.

Don’t discriminate them on any basis


Sky is the only limit for their creativity & imagination. Encourage them to pursue their passion.


Protect them but, don’t allow them to remain in the cocoon (comfort zone) forever.



Empower them to have strong wings to  fly high & not weak and sore wings incapable of flying


Allow them to shine and not cloud them with your doubts and restrictions (societal conditioning)


They deserve to dream and lead a better life. Parenting is not restricted to biological parents, but it applies to every individual in the society. It is the responsibility of the society to provide basic necessities like food, clothing & shelter and sponsor these kids in their education.



If we closely look at their eyes, we find a divine spark.

Empower them to blossom and enjoy their childhood fully as it comes only once in a lifetime.



Empower them to protect themselves from the societal conditioning and not start believing themselves to be something they aren’t. Let them be authentic.


Please encourage them to participate  in sports (girls in particular).

They could very well emerge as a  champions in future, for they have great potential.


Don’t force your dreams on them. Allow them to pursue their passion or calling.

For they could be multi-talented.


  1. They are like pets cute and loving.
  2. Their moods and behaviour patterns are totally dependent on the parenting and societal conditioning.
  3. Policing & physical/emotional abuses keep some always depressed, some behave aggressively, some remain in their comfort zone always.
  4. Only by loving them unconditionally and spending quality time with them, we make them cool and smart.


Teach them to accept and tolerate all the spiritual paths to reach the same source (It’s my personal opinion that there is only one Source or God. Difference of opinion is respected and welcomed)


Ensure that they get the real education that builds their character


Allow them to paint their life in their own way.
For they can paint better than others. For even RAINBOW has 7 colours.
Their colour palette is beyond that.


Keep the child in you alive!


For today’s children go onto to become the greatest leaders of the future.
They are the true strengths of any nation that transcends the boundaries of all kinds of discrimination.



Programming the tender minds of the children with positive affirmations and suggestions.
It is all about speech (thought & action included).



4 thoughts on “Parenting Series – Part 1

  1. Well thought out Shankarji. As adults we have a larger responsibility to nurture the children and by doing so bring about a indenible change in the society…. Choice of words and presentation holds very well with not only children, however, within Society too. Thanks for writing… Keep writing and sharing such a wonderful thoughts

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