Short series – Moulding Kids

“Short series – Moulding Kids”


Creative or Destructive – Choice is yours.

Quotes on by one of my Spiritual Guru – Swami Vivekananda about kids:

“All know their own Self, all know, ‘I am’, even animals. All we know is the projection of the Self. Teach this to the children, they can grasp it”

“Children are born optimists, but the rest of life is a continuous disillusionment; not one ideal can be fully attained, not one thirst can be quenched. So on they go trying to solve the riddle, and religion has taken up the task”

“Do you think you can teach even a child? You cannot. The child teaches himself. Your duty is to afford opportunities and to remove obstacles”

Kids are like clay and can easily be moulded. It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers and the society on how to mould them. Whether to mould them with acceptance, encouragement and unconditional love or mould them with rejection, criticism and conditional love. The former makes them caring, compassionate, creative, selfless and constructive while the later makes them aggressive, selfish and destructive.

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